Image Editing and Photography resources

Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell's site has plenty of photography resource and of particular interest to me was the review of the Nikon D70S

Monitor calibration

How to calibrate your monitor so that black really is back and white really is white and grey is nuetral.

Photography in Malaysia

Wish they wouldn't let themselves down with the silly title. There is more to this site than just photography in Malaysia.

Unidentified Flying Raw

Software to process raw files with linux.


UFRaw would be nothing with out DCraw

Nikon D70 under Linux

How to work with the Raw Format while using linux. Other camera users may also find it usefull.

Gimp Guru

A collection of articles including fine tutorials on using the Gimp.

The story of PhotoShop

If I was on windows, Photo Shop is definitely what I would be using..

NEF Workflow for D70s on Linux

Another article that explains how you can work with the Raw format on linux
Blog Posts

D70S Raw. (April 28, 2006)

D70S Battery (Mar 15,2006)

Lense Repairman (Jan 10, 2006)


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