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Meta Data Extractor

Drew Noakes' Java library for extracting EXIF data from images.


Camera Raw plugin for Image I/O. This library adds support for reading camera raw files using the javax.imageio api.

Java Advanced Imaging

Java Advanced Imaging is an alternative to the javax.imageio classes. And it can be used as a replacements for part of the AWT.


OpenRAW is a Working Group of photographers and other people interested in advocating the open documentation of digital camera RAW files.


The blueMarine project is about an open source workflow for digital photography.


Java Advanced Imaging Stuff, is a collection of sample codes.

SourceForge :: Rad Image

The sourceforge projects page for Rad Image - an open sourece java image manipulation suite.

SourceForge :: Open Exam

Project page for open exam at Open exam is a java based exam design and test administrations engine.

Design Patterns in java


D70S Linux woes

New year starts with a broken lense

Object Oriented PHP vs java

Speech Recognition - Alternative Tokens


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