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LInux 2.6.5 and Sound. (May 18, 2004)

RPM on linux 2.6.5 (May 14,2004)

Up and running with linux 2.6.5 (May 10,2004)

linux 2.6.5 and modules (April 30,2004)

The Linux Kernel Archives

Sure everyone knows linux is the name of the kernel, but like everyone else this site uses the term very loosely. But here is the link to the real thing.


Software Suspend for Linux - One of those short names (it's not exactly an abbreviation is it?) that's harder to read than the full name.

The ALSA Project

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.

RPM on 2.6

I didn't learn everything by sitting still at the machine and reading docs. I spend a lot of time participating in message boards. Here's where I found the link fix for the RPM issues.

The post halloween doc.

A must read when compiling the 2.6 kernel.

The linux NAT Howto


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