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PHP File upload progres bar.

The case of the missing errors.

Web based FTP client - Directory management demo.

The listing below is the result of attempting to log you into the server that you specified with your own username and password. You will see that it's very similar to the demonstration you have seen on the part II of this article. The new additions are the del, mkdir buttons and also the fact that clicking on a directory now causes the client to change into that folder.

If instead of a listing you are seeing error messages displayed that would indicate that a correct host/user/pass combination has not been entered.

host = , 21=21
Could not connect to the host that you specified..

Upload files to the server via the form below. Logo

FTP Applet

  Part 1   Introduction ,   Data Connection ,   Directory List ,   demo
  Part 2   Architecture ,   Downloading ,   Demo ,   Sessions
  Part 3   CWD ,   CDUP ,   Where am I? ,   Prune and Graft
  Part 4   Upload ,   Rename ,   Delete,   No operation
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