Reborn as a Next.js website

March 24 at 02:15 » Tagged as : datastore, nextjs, app engine,

This site was first published in the early 2000s. At the inception, it didn't contain a blog. It was just a bunch of pages thrown together with PHP - that's how it was usually done those days. Then I started blogging but initially it was on Blogger. Over time, the site was powered by various other blogging software, including MovableType, GreyMatter, and WordPress (hangs head in shame)

The most recent version of the site was a custom-built CMS using Django and stored on Google Cloud DataStore. However, the author found the technology to be difficult and unenjoyable to work with, leading to a lack of updates on the site for several years.

Recently, I decided to revamp the site using Next.js and merge the blog and non-blog content together. Since the export tools for App Engine and DataStore weren't all that great, I used wget and cheerio to scrape my own site instead of using those tools.