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FC5 torrent

2006 March 23 at 03:09 » Tagged as: javascript , broadband
Finally completed the download for FC5 DVD image. It took little less than 2 days. Though the upload...

JSObject and JSExceptions

2006 March 20 at 02:50 » Tagged as: javascript
If you tried out read my article on java and javascript interaction and then tried out the demo you ...

D70S battery.

2006 March 15 at 05:01 » Tagged as: search , photography
I am about to reluctantly charge the battery on my Nikon D70S. The battery is not completely dead ye...

Uploading Silver Bullets

2006 March 13 at 03:10 » Tagged as: django , rad upload
Rad Upload is a feature rich file uploader. But it's not a silver bullet. Occaisionally ...

Wiki Hunting.

2006 March 11 at 04:31 » Tagged as: search , collaboration
Wikka is not a name that inspires confidence but a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. (No ...

Google contradicts itself.

2006 March 7 at 03:44 » Tagged as: search , web 0.8
The following is an extract from an email recieved from google adwords staff.

Another quest for the perfect wiki

2006 March 5 at 05:08 » Tagged as: collaboration
After using it for quite sometimes, I am convinced now that mediawiki is not the software to power t...

Godaddy (accidentally?) drops my domain.

2006 March 4 at 13:10 » Tagged as: lame , web 0.8
Here is another one of the horror stories from last week. This domain ( stop...

Three busted hard drives.

2006 March 2 at 19:20 » Tagged as: nosql , toast
What's worse than having a hard disk failure? Having two hard disk failures of course. Then what can...

What a week.

2006 March 1 at 16:57 » Tagged as: lame , toast , weird
It has been an unimaginable week. Trouble began on Wednesday the 22 when we had a problem with the R...