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Secure FTP

2007 Feb 28 at 21:15 » Tagged as: security
It's been a long time since we at Rad Inks last made a release of the Rad SFTP Applet. When it was f...

Get rid of your file upload form.

2007 Feb 20 at 08:44 » Tagged as: security , rad upload
Rad Inks, has released a new improved version of Rad Upload; a drop in replacement for HTML file upl...

Adsense Relevency.

2007 Feb 10 at 15:00 » Tagged as: wordpress , web 0.8
Much has been said about Adsense relevancy. Here is an example:

Safari - Google loves it Yahoo hates it.

2007 Feb 7 at 10:48 » Tagged as: wordpress , web 0.8
Google loves Safari and Safari loves google. But google changes lovers too often for comfort. On the...

Refocus it.

2007 Feb 6 at 09:31 » Tagged as: wordpress , photography
The other day, I was scratching around trying to install the iterative refocus plugin for GIMP. The ...

Raw vs JPeg.

2007 Feb 2 at 23:07 » Tagged as: wordpress , photography
The RAW versus Jpeg religious debate continues to rage. I don't believe in any religion and I have h...