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Time for change.

2007 March 27 at 19:38 » Tagged as: security , web 0.8
It's about time that this site had a new look. The last face lift was more than two years ago.

Adobe LightRoom a Disapointment.

2007 March 19 at 05:16 » Tagged as: security , macbook , photography
I download and tested adobe lightroom on my macbook and was wowed by it. I was pretty certain that I...

Adbrite Jaded.

2007 March 9 at 08:44 » Tagged as: security , web 0.8
Jaded. Already. It has taken me less than 24 hours to be thoroughly disappointed with Adbrite. My we...

Bye Adsense, Hello Adbrite.

2007 March 8 at 03:24 » Tagged as: security , web 0.8
I have been disapointed with Adsense for a long time but like most other people on the same boat per...

Puppy Linux on a Macbook.

2007 March 6 at 05:24 » Tagged as: security , macbook
After downloading and burning the pupply linux ISO on a disk, I tried to boot my macbook with it. It...