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p7131 Radio

2008 Jan 21 at 22:53 » Tagged as: anti spam , quadruple play
Yipeee. After a quite a struggle, the analog TV tuner on the P7131 is working fine with mythtv and t... broken SSL

2008 Jan 18 at 22:06 » Tagged as: bootstrap , web 0.8
SSL on has been broken for a while. That has been effecting my positioning on google. In...

MythTv Working at last

2008 Jan 17 at 22:00 » Tagged as: anti spam , video , quadruple play
After sorting out all the RPM dependencies for MythTV In finally managed to get the it installed on ...

Linux MCE

2008 Jan 15 at 00:17 » Tagged as: video , quadruple play
Mythtv on Fedora seems to be such a pain in the neck. Perhaps I should have downloaded mythdora inst...

Mythtv is it just a myth?

2008 Jan 13 at 04:33 » Tagged as: bootstrap , quadruple play
Been struggling with MythTV for a nearly two weeks. It seems that MythTV is just a myth. At first I ...