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Wordpress Auto Upgrade and SFTP

2009 June 30 at 05:40 » Tagged as: ath10k , security , subversion , wordpress
Wordpress added a nice feature a while back - the ability to upgrade your installation while logged ...

Readfile vs Include and echo vs print; don't bother

2009 June 29 at 05:57 » Tagged as: coursera , religion
One of Google's own web masters has created a post at

JavaFX on linux.

2009 June 26 at 05:01 » Tagged as: wordbuff , javafx , netbeans
Sun finally woke up and realized that they need to provide a JavaFX platform for linux. And me, some...

Twitter Clients for Linux

2009 June 25 at 02:39 » Tagged as: january effect , ria
bti It is said that everyone talks on twitter but no one listens.  It's true. The existe...

Updating this, Updating that

2009 June 23 at 07:20 » Tagged as: pg_dump , subversion , wordpress
During the last few weeks, moving from Fedora 10 to 11 took up rather too much of my time, energy an...

The never ending problems with Fedora Updates.

2009 June 19 at 02:14 » Tagged as: ctc , video
Updated my media server which was previously running Fedora 10 to Fedora 11. A whole floor separates...

Fixing VLC does not support the audio or video format error

2009 June 16 at 02:16 » Tagged as: javafx , video
When you try to run VLC does it give you this disheartening error message? No suitable ...

Faith Restored in Nokia

2009 June 9 at 13:41 » Tagged as: yui , toast
Recently, the Camera on my Nokia E71 died. Even though Nokia refuses to admit that it's a known issu...

A visit to Nokia Care.

2009 June 8 at 14:32 » Tagged as: sqlite , lame
As you know, I have an E71 with a dead camera, which is apparently a known issue in many Series 60 p...

Graphical Subversion

2009 June 2 at 07:08 » Tagged as: c , collaboration , netbeans , python , subversion
Trying out different graphical subversion clients the first one that I tested was rapidsvn. Seems li...