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And more wordpress and cloudflare issues

2011 Oct 26 at 03:30 » Tagged as: cloudflare , wordpress
So I blogged the other day about adding SSL to the Wordpress admin area for a site using the free ve...

CSE is Heading in the Right Direction at Last

2011 Oct 18 at 07:31 » Tagged as: t-bill , october curse , cse
"Market’s rapid slide threatens to make the month year's worst ever with Rs. 116 b wiped off in valu...

Percona a Drop in Replacement for MySQL

2011 Oct 14 at 13:00 » Tagged as: webtatic , couch , postgres , cloud , mysql , nosql , percona
I have a love hate relationship with MySQL. I first discovered and fell in love with it around twelv...


2011 Oct 13 at 13:27 » Tagged as: c
#include <stdio.h>main(){ printf("Goodbye, Dennis Ritchie");}

Cloudflare and Wordpress Admin

2011 Oct 8 at 12:44 » Tagged as: cpu , centos , cloud , wordpress
After suffering three site outages in as many days, I decided to wring in a few changes. One of them...

Program mode requires special privileges, e.g., root or TrustedUser.

2011 Oct 6 at 14:20 » Tagged as: repmgr , centos , cloud , qmail
One of the residuals of the server outage is that the feedback form on this site stopped working eve...