Site Overhaul

2004 Oct 19 at 05:43 » Tagged as :

After installing the wiki a few days ago I decided to change the appearence of the entire site to match the wiki. Of course there is considerable risk involved, UI changes more often than not result in sites being confined to obsecurity because they lose what ever positions they may have held in SEs.

While on the topic, a couple of days ago, when I logged into windows after some time, I noticed that another Page Rank calculation had been carried out. Not sure when exactly the recalculation took place but according to my reckoning it's been at least three months. I guess the long anticipated three monthly cycle is finally upon us. Don't be suprised if many blogs and mailing lists archives are going to loose the ranks they enjoy now.

As for the UI change, this is what the site looked like until Oct 15th.