Moving away from movable type

2005 Jan 6 at 06:04 » Tagged as :

After being with MovableType for nearly an year the time has finally come to move on. It seems funny that I should be moving away while everyone else (including big investors) are moving towards MT (or rather it's holding company Six Apart).

The reason that I am looking at other blogging tools is a trivial one. I only want to display the 12 months of archives at any given time, if you want to see ancient history you can conciously click on an ancient history link. Since this is a tech blog no one would be interested in ancient history anyway. Unfortunatley it seems that MTCalendar and related tags do not support this behaviour.

You may point out that since MT is source available software all I need to do is modify the perl scripts so that it behaves that way. I am certainly no mug with perl, but I hate editing some one elses perl code. If you are perl coder yourself you will know what I am talking about.

Right now I am looking at using easymoblog because I want the ability to post with the aid of an email client but moblog has someway to go and I might end up having to do a bit of coding anyway.