ssh_exchange_identification by a pundit.

2005 Feb 5 at 11:25 » Tagged as :

I had a mail today from one of the stupid pundits described in my post titled ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host.

This pundit assumed that I am clueless and gave me a lengthy explaination of libwrap (which I didn't bother to read). As I mentioned in my previous post, this connection problem has a quality that is rare for any problem: it's of the kind that will go away if you ignore it. Or at least that's the way it is on the server that I was refering to.

The alternative, "don't just stand there do something" approach takes quite a bit of doing because you need to login to the server first before you can do something and you cannot login if ssh will not let you in. If the server is in the next room you will still be able to manage but what if the server is half way across the world or even on the other side of town during rush?

Since this pundit has been added to my mail filters, and Since comments are not allowed in this blog, I think I can have the last word here. Unless of course the pundit wants to blog about it. If he does it's so much better for me, it's one more incoming link.