Log Mine and SF

2005 June 25 at 21:03 » Tagged as :

It's now more than a month since I made an attempt to register Log Mine at sourceforge. After sitting on it for nearly a month I find that the project has been turned down. The reason? there is another project by the same name. That means I have to pick another name and try again.

The existing project was registered more than two years ago. They have yet to make a release and all indications are they don't plan to make a release any time soon. the Source Forge registration process gives the owners of such a project 20 days to decide if they want to give up their name. Apparently these guys want to keep it. A full month has been wasted.

While still on sourceforge, their new stats system seems buggier than the old one. My MegaUpload project, which gets 10 times as many pageviews and downloads as The Rad Net project languishes in the low 98th percentile while the latter is in the 99th percentile.