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The post titled No more credit cards on my other blog (yes I have two) is my thousandth post. Not bad huh?

After being with Blogger for a short time, I found that it reallly wasn't what I wanted. The blog wasn't actually hosted on the Bloggers servers, but I used their web app to manage the posts. Before migrating I looked at many other options before finally settling on Movable Type.

Movable Type at the time certainly was the best around. The new version might still quality for that honour but I haven't bothered to try it out. The reason being that if I were to do so, I would have to change my templates all over again. I always believed that if you have to make a lot of drastic changes to upgrade a software it's better to look for an alternative.

I have looked at a few other bloggers (blogger as in blogging software with lowercase B) and thought that wordpress was pretty impressive. However there are two things that tend to be rather annoying about wordpress. First they insist on saving your username and password in a cookie, for what I don't know. Secondly the posts are dynamically generated for everyview.

There are certain advantages in using dynamic posts and there are certain disadvantags and the same can be said about using staic posts. My own preference is static pages. These are the main reasons for not moving to wordpress, but there is an even more complelling reason; laziness.

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