One step closer to monopolizing the internet.

2006 July 3 at 08:03 » Tagged as :web 0.8, photography,

Name the leader in web search and online advertising. Name the company that is gaining serious ground in web based email and chat. Name the company that will soon lead in image and blog hosting. What is the company that will soon be the market leader in online payment processing?

Well the answer as you know is Google. Google is miles ahead when it comes to search. I switched to Yahoo recently but Yahoo results seem completely irrelevent when compared to google results.

Google's position in search has allowed the Adwords/Adsense duo to lead the market in online advertising, and that position has now allowed them to come out with payment processing. This new service is sure to send shivers down the spine of other service providers for the simple reason that a large chunk of the payment processing service will be waived off if you advertise with Adwords.