what the qmail FAQ doesn't answer.

2006 Aug 11 at 11:39 » Tagged as :qmail,

@4000000044d194ff104e3b84 delivery 4: deferral: Uh-oh:_first_line_of_.qmail_file_is_blank._(#4.2.1)/

What on earth is that? How on earth am I to find which .qmail file is being referred to here? Well there must be someway, but fortunatley I know who the user is because only one mail has been sent to this server upto now!

Most people install vpopmail after installing qmail. Heck I do so too, it's a lot easier than maintening a million .qmail-something files. On this particular instalaltion though, I don't have vpopmail. I had tried once before with out success to make it work so thought I would give it another shot on a local machine.

The user in question (yours truely), doesn't even have a .qmail file. But that's exactly where the problem is. The above message pops up when you have an empty file or the .qmail file is missing altogether. When you do create the file, another error pops up:

@4000000044d21b7828d9d12c delivery 12: deferral: Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir._(#4.2.1)/

This can be caused by quite a few things, including incorrect permissions on the home or mail folder. It can also be caused by incorrect ownership. However in my case, it was caused by carelessness. I had typed /Maildir/ where I should have type ./Maildir/