Centos Getting on My nervous.


Centos is getting on my nervous. raditha.com is now hosted on a server that runs Centos. It was unavailable for nearly two days purely because it's fault (though the Centors community might argue that the fault is mine).

The server had to be restarted (because a new hard disk was added), after the restart apache had not started up and it went unnoticed. Well you would say that's my fault. The fact that apache didn't start up is not my fault though.

Each time the server was restarted, the OS decided to start up a mail server other than qmail, which I installed manually. By default the server had sendmail, which I removed when installing qmail. The first restart resulted in the postfix being started up instead of qmail, that was promptly removed but on the next restart, exim was started up! I am wondering what other suprises Centos has in store for me.

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