Getting hold of the Saadhu.


The, the first asian electronic novel will be celebrating it's 8th birthday soon. And it's about time that I regained full control of the domain name.

I certainly own the domain but I am not in full control of it due to a sequence of events that took place over period of time. It started off when Netaddress switched stopped their free service. I was a student at the time and I wasn't keen to pay for something that is available for free elsewhere. The result was that I lost the email address listed as the administrative contact for

That in itself didn't matter cause I didn't need to make any modification at all to that domain for quite a while, but then eventually I decided to stop using Network solutions. I tried to transfer the domain a couple of years ago but it turns out my old network solutions password was lost. The trouble is the email address to which the password reset is being sent to is no longer in use.

I tried to recreate the address dozens of times, but their payment process kept on failing. Support emails went unanswered, and phone calls only result in an all our agents are busy message. Two events which have become the norm rather than the exception with many US companies.

I tried again yesterday with a different card, and Eureka the payment was finally processed. Now I own the [email protected] address which used to be mine many years ago. With that, I reset the Network solutions account and filed in a domain transfer request. It remains to be seen whether there will be another twist to the tale.

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