Macbook and Sigma Zoom.

2006 Sept 26 at 02:29 » Tagged as :photography, macbook,

What does a Macbook and a Sigma Zoom lense have in common? their out of this world pricing (at least in Sri Lanka.)

Today I walked into the apple retailer's shop in Colombo and inquired about macbooks and Imacs. The entry level macbook is Rs 153,000.00 compare that with the price in Singapore which is only Rs 122,000.00 (at current rates) or the price in the US which is just Rs 112,500.00 the gap widens when you look at more powerfull options.

I wasn't really suprised. When the Macbook was first released, I called them up to check the prices and they said it will be in the range of 150,000 (but that was before they actually recieved any stock). The suprise was when I walked into Phototechnica and inquired about the price of a sigma 50-500 zoom lense for my D70S.

I as given a price of Rs 144,000.00 This costs only about Rs 100,000.00 in the US. In the past, phototechnical always had more reasonable pricing. The prices of their cameras and lense were only a bit higher than the prices in Singapore.

That's what suprised me.

My eyes bulged when I asked after the price of a D70S. It's now 145,000.00, mine was Rs 129,000.00 last december. At the time, it was available online for about 110,000.00 that price hasn't changed, but the phototechnica price has.