Rad Upload 3.01

2006 Oct 12 at 00:08 » Tagged as :rad upload, macbook,

It's been a few months since we released Rad Upload 3.0, we have just made version 3.01 available for download. 3.01 is a a bug fix release. Unfortunately it seems that there were a couple of glitches in HTML form processing.

Version 3.0 made it possible to directly embed the applet into an HTML form. The applet retrieves the HTML form data using java - javascript interaction. Unfortunately this interaction works differently for different browsers and even on different platform. For this reason firefox users particularly those with Macs found that the forms were being handled correctly at times. Safari users ran into this even more often.

As a result of this we have made some slight changes to Rad Upload and released the new version. The Standard Edition, and the Lite Edition (which is free) are both left unchanged because the ability to interact with an HTML form is a feature only found in Rad Uplos Plus.