Yet Another Toasted mother board.

2006 Oct 23 at 02:52 » Tagged as :toast, motherboard,

My hardware has a tendency to fail more often than the next persons. It could be that I put too much a of a load on my machine or it could be because they manufactures always ship their low quality junk to South Asian while sending the best stuff to North America and Europe. Anyway, my motherboard, an Intel D845GEBV2 is toast.

Yesterday, I returned from a visit to Seru Kele and was downloading the photos, when the computer shutdown for no apparent reason. Well it didn't actually shut down, it switched off. I have seen this happen with my father's notebook, so I reckoned that overheating was the cause. I had to go out again so , I left the machine to cool down. On my return, it simply wouldn't start up again.

I have been very suspicious of this mother board for a while because of frequent hard disk failures. Trying to get a replacement at 8:00 pm on Sunday isn't an easy task so I decided to find out what early to bed, early to rise feels like.