Core 2 Duo.

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Since the mother board is toast and there is a 10 day waiting period for macbooks (and Imacs). The next step is to set up a new core 2 duo machine. I have always preffered AMD over intel, the only reason that the now deceased machine is an intel is because I am sick and tired of poor quality mother boards put of by third party companies. Well, the intel board didn't last much longer than my previous Asus or Gigabyte board. So there is no reason not to consider Asus and/or Gigabyte again.

The only catch is that AMD 64x2 processors are not available here. Right! let's look for an Intel core 2 duo. Most of the idiots at the companies that sell computers and computer parts in Sri Lanka. automatically give you prices for a Pentium D processor. What idiot wants to buy a D?

Very few people seem to have the core 2 duo in stock. That too only the 1.83 GHz variety and it's atrociously priced. A processor that's about 20k in Singapore costs closer to 30k here. And they don't have the intel 965 series of mother boards here. Only have the 946. The 946 only supports the slower RAM. What a waste it would be to get a 1066MHz FSB processor and slow it down with slow RAM?

So it would seem that unless you want to buy a crappy solo pentium 4, you will not be able to buy a computer here in Sri Lanka. Great pity.

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