PHP 5.20 obsoletes Megaupload?


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The developers of the PHP engine were going to heed the numerous requests made for file upload hooks so that it become possible to track PHP file upload progress without third party tools like my own MegaUpload.

MegaUpload of course is the original PHP file upload progress monitor. It uses a little help from perl because older versions of PHP did not expose any method that a PHP developer could use to find out how much data has been transferred. There have been many other upload progress monitors since Mega Upload. Some of them use AJAX.

Then there is Rad Upload. Rad Upload was at first a Drag and Drop file uploader with a progress monitor. At the start it had only a few features. Drag and Drop, Recursive folder upload, client side filtering and of course the progress bar. Over the past three years it has grown. Now you find additional features like javascript events, redirect after upload, client side image resize and gzip compression.

While Mega Upload might eventually become obsolete because of changes in PHP 5.2 there is no chance of that happening with Rad Upload because it has so many other features that a simple combination of an HTML form + PHP enhancements cannot offer. But we will need to keep adding new features to make sure that we are always ahead.

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