Rad Upload 3.02

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We have released version 3.02 of Rad Upload just after version 3.10. Why have we done that? well Firefox 2 seems to have a spot of bother with the way Rad Upload interacts with HTML forms. So we have had to make a slight change for compatibility (of course it still works with the older versions of Firefox).

Strange as it may seem, for nearly three years, it wasn't possible to directly embed the applet into a form. Though we received a couple of requests each month for this feature, it certainly wasn't a matter of concern for the large number of people who downloaded the applet. But now that it's possible to integrate the applet into a form, we are getting lots of complaints about it. A large number of these complaints are because of misconfiguration and we provide quick answers to fix them, but with Firefox 2, there certainly was an issue that needed to be fixed. And we have.

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