Fedora Core 6.

2006 Nov 15 at 07:31 » Tagged as :toast, motherboard,

I should have installed Fedora Core 6 long ago. I was eagerly looking forward to it's release but when that event did happen, I had a burnt motherboard on my hand. I wasn't sure which arch to download cause I wasn't sure whether I would go for an AMD or a core duo. In the end I didn't buy either. That's a long story which I will save for another day, but this is my comments after using Fedora Core for a few hours.

The most important thing I noticed about FC 6 is that KDE is no longer usable. Those wierd window effects (fading etc) seem to lead to constant lock up. It doesn't seem possible to switch the darned thing off, The control center which used to be a prominent member of the menu seems to have disappeared! I have temporarily switched to gnome.

The second gripe is that not all the new additions in Fedora Core 6 have been installed because I chose update instead of a clean installation. A clean installation is most annoying, an update is bad enough. But with an update you are stuck if you want to add any new packages. Pirut that atrocious package manager insists on retrieving everything from the net instead of using the DVD. That's a waste of bandwidth and time. It takes an eternity to resolve dependencies.