SLT Mail.

2006 Nov 19 at 19:45 » Tagged as :broadband,

Sri Lanka Telecom is a poor excuse for a telecom company. One of the reasons that Sri Lankan ICT infrastructure is lagging so far behind is because SLT used to enjoy a monopoly for such a long time. Even today they have a near monopoly in certain fields. DSL is one of them.

The ADSL connections provided by SLT are pathetically slow (512Mb/s download) but downloads rarely proceed at those speeds. 100Mb/s is more like it. Being an ADSL user mean you often have to rely on their SMTP servers for sending mail. Sure you can use your own but if you try to send a large mail, you invariably see an error. That doesn't mean using SLT's own outgoing server is any better.

This was the error that was popping up sometime ago when you attempt to send mail. If it's not one thing it's another, you will often find their servers listed on open relay blackhole lists. DNS problems are another headache.