OS X and MacBook.

2006 Dec 2 at 08:55 » Tagged as :macbook, broadband,

Finally got hold of a MacBook. I've been wanting to buy one since May. It's a 2.0 Ghz core 2 duo and it's just beautiful. My four year old daughter has already claimed it as her own. She spent an hour playing chess on it. The wow factor is very high. So far everyone who has seen it has been thoroughly impressed by it.

The price charged by the local agents is outrageous, so I had mine picked up in Singapore. People were virtually queing up outside the office of the person to see it. (MacBooks are a rarity here. Very few people use Macs, the atrocious pricing is probably the number one reason).

I didn't appreciate having to enter a lot of data to get started, and I entered the wrong data in my impatience. But so far this is the only negative that I have to say about it. Well not quite. I wasn't pleased to find out that Openoffice needs X11 for OS X (after I had completed the download) fortunately there appears to be an alternative called neooffice. The last complaint is the pressing 'C' at boot time didn't bring up the boot up menu as it's supposed. I had to hit the option key and keep pressing it instead.

I have been amazed by the quality of the DVD playback it's much better than most other notebook I have seen. The built in camera is pretty impressive too. Most applications open up instantly, network configuration was a breeze.

Just for the heck of it, I booted up with my knoppix DVD. Even thought knoppix booted up ok, the file system type was unsupported. Now I wonder if I should install Fedora Core 6 on it?