Macbook and sudo

2006 Dec 2 at 21:43 » Tagged as :macbook, broadband,

I have not been using the Macbook for even 24 hours but almost ended up formatting it. In my haste to get started and frustration with the long list of information asked for by the registration process; i had accidentally entered 'radithadissanayake' as the username instead of raditha. So I used netinfo to change it. Since then the system refused to allow me to sudo

By default 'root' doesn't seem to have a password. That's fine with me, in order to get root access, all I needed to do was to use sudo and to spawn a shell. But since the account was renamed that stopped happening. Fortunately it's not difficult to change the root password and to login through that account. I found a usefull guide here:

The 'accident' occured because, I missed the place where you are supposed to reset the password through the menu. The installer wizzed passed that and then started to copy the files across to the hard disk. It was then that I realized my mistake and tried to bail out. I was given a dire warning by the installer. It told me that I might not be able to boot my system because the installation was not completed. But logical thinking brings you to the conclusion that the system cannot fail to boot. Why?

When you attempt to install over an existing installation, it doesn't actually delete the files (at least with unix like operating systems), so there is a good chance to cancell the installation and boot up sucessfully. And indeed that's exactly the way it happened. Now I logged in with the root account and cleaned up the default account. Normal service has been restored.