One thing leads to another ....

2006 Dec 7 at 08:42 » Tagged as :weird, broadband,

Hear about an open source clustering system for java called Terracota, went to download it, halfway through firefox bailed out saying there is no space on disk. Surprising. I have three hard drives on my computer ranging from 40GB to 120GB. It's just junk (mostly old downloads) filling up the home partition that's causing problems.

Cleaned up the partition and retried the download. As usual firefox opens an empty page for download links, just hitting refresh on that gives a 403 error. Clicking the link again starts a fresh download. Even though a tc-dso-2.2-linux-i686.tar.gz.part file can be found on the download

folder. Firefox is like that. Wget is much better, well it usually is but it chocked on the url. Couldn't handle the redirect properly.

Started up squid, and changed IP tables to direct traffic through squid. That would allow me to watch the squid log and grab the real URL. That gives more errors. Sheesh, it's hard being a geek.