OS X - Jaded.

2007 Jan 17 at 00:47 » Tagged as :macbook, broadband,

Now that my Macbook is more than a month old and the novelty has worn of there are quite a few things which I find less than attractive.


I used to hate kompare but now I really appreciate it after having to work with FileMerge. FileMerge just sucks.


There are some linux applications that you just can't live without, GIMP is one of them. Fortunately there is a port for OS X. Unfortunately X11 for OS X behaves differently from other X11 installations and X11 applications behave differently from aqua stuff. It's almost impossible to figure out when to use that half eaten apple button and when to use the control key.

The fn key.

Because notebooks have a smaller number of keys, they are equipped with an fn key. On most PC notebooks the fn key is off by default. On the macbook the fn key is on by default, and if there is a way to switch it off I haven't found it yet. Then again you cannot switch it off, because then the left,right, up and down keys would become, home, end, page up and page down.

No vnc.

There doesn't appear to be a vnc viewer installed by default. Fortunatley there are plenty of free downloads.


Just sucks. Fortunately I came across TextWrangler.


Words fail me. Even explorer is better than this piece of junk.