More Mac Gripes.

2007 Jan 19 at 08:55 » Tagged as :macbook, broadband,

Getting more tired of OS X. It's man pages are unreadable. If you type 'man foobar' at the terminal you can't use the page up / page down keys to scroll through the man page. Terminal chooses to scroll itself instead!

Three button mice

The middle mouse button has been made obsolete by apple, sure you can use it to scroll, but the middle mouse button can be used for copy paste as well. It's ridiculous that the terminal on OS X allows middle button paste but other applications do not.


The macbook is very fast when you start it up, it will run pretty past for a day or two but then there is a detoriation of performance, it sometimes takes more than a couple of seconds to switch between different applications. Now core 2 duo is supposed to really speed up this sort of thing, unfortunately that does not happen. The macbook behave very windows like. Compare that against my Desktop, which is fedora core 6. The amount of time that a linux computer has been running without a reboot has absolutely no effect on it's speed. Sadly the same cannot be said about Mac OS X.


rt.jar? where the hell is rt.jar? they call it classes.jar


F8 is supposed to be the key for step over. and F7 is supposed to be the key for step into. Most IDEs obey that. Unfortunately F8 has been taken over by Expose and F7 by the 'fn' key.

Fortunately, Expose keys can be changed.

CD burning.

After burning CDs and DVDs with OS X disk utility, I have come to appreciate k3b. Maybe there is a way to stop finder/disk utility from closing the cd/dvd but they forget to tell you about it.

Printers, Scanners, Webcams.

Most of them are unsupported on Mac OS X. Sure they are unsupported on Linux too, but I don't pay anything to use linux. I paid for OS X so I expect something better.