Palm treo 680


For the first time in more than 6 years I have on my palm a Palm. It is a treo 680. I have never been impressed with PDAs or the so called smart phones. They are better suited for people who do not use computers. Unfortunately you need a computer to make full use of such a device.

The treo 680 has a qwerty keyboard. As with any other dumb phone you can only type with two fingers on it which is rather annoying and time consuming. It's far easier to type on a conventional phone because the keyboard is so familiar and they are all equipped with T9.

It's equipped with a primitive IMAP mail client. Primitive is not the word. Neanderthal would have been better. The whole purpose of IMAP is to download just the headers and not the full message. Yet the IMAP client on the treo insists on downloading the whole message. Not only does it defeat the whole purpose of using IMAP but it's painfully time consuming and costly too. This dumbphone does not have 3G and so have to be content with GPRS or Edge for data transfer.

Any positives? Well they have not gone overboard with a high megapixel camera to make the phone needlessly expensive. It's only 0.3MP but it's of suprisingly good quality (in comparision with some of the other phone camera's around). The screen is large and the colors are nice and you get a stylus.

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