Four Years of Innovation.


Rad Inks celebrated it's fourth birthday yesterday. Has it been that long? wow. One thing for sure, we have changed the way files are uploaded! The most popular amongst our products is without doubt Rad Uploadl thedrag and drop file upload applet.

With Rad Upload, visitors to a website simply drag and drop their files onto the web browser and the files are instantly transferred to the server. That's all there is to it. Old fashioned HTML upload systems can tackle only a handfull of files, this software can easily transfer thousands of file and folders with giga bytes of data all at once.

Rad Upload was preceded by the Rad SFTP applet; a secure file transfer program which was highly rated when it was first released and went on to be featured on the official java website. The Rad SFTP client can be easily integrated with existing web sites and applications. The goal is to provide users of the web site a secure, convenient and familiar form of file management. It is a replacement for the more conventional FTP which is a protocol that is completely lacking in security.

The Rad Inks SFTP client makes use of the SSH FTP protocol, which despite the similarity in name with the File Transfer Protocol is a much more secure system. With FTP all the data and commands are transferred between the client and the server in plain text. Thus with FTP user names and passwords are transmitted without encryption. Ouch.

Rad Inks recently announced version 2.0 of the SFTP applet and version 3.10 of Rad Upload. More information about these products and other software by Rad Inks can be found on the company's website at And if you hurry over there before the 20th, you can make use of a special discount (upto 40%) on our software and celebrate with us.

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