Adbrite Jaded.

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Jaded. Already. It has taken me less than 24 hours to be thoroughly disappointed with Adbrite. My website does not show up on the adbrite directory yet. Good thing too. I'd rather not be lumped with the junk that's listed on it. Now don't you go thinking that it's a story of sour grapes.; you can check it for yourself. See what kind of sites are listed. Sure there are a few good ones but the vast majority, well, they are just same old same old.

They don't appear to have any 'run of the network ads'. That is any ads that are displayed across the network or sites that belong into a certain category. So adbrite at the moment are showing ads from adsense. How does that happen? you can specify an alternative ad source which will be used when the ad company doesn't have any ads of their own. In this case they don't seem to have any ads at all.

The reason that no ads are displayed could well be because my site is not listed in the directory. If the directory listing is not automated, they should have a manual activation phase (If I remember correctly adsense had such a system).

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