Adobe LightRoom a Disapointment.

2007 March 19 at 05:16 » Tagged as :photography, macbook, security,

I download and tested adobe lightroom on my macbook and was wowed by it. I was pretty certain that I would obtain a license for it when the product was commercially released. But the commercial release had a few change notes and I decided to try the full release (version 1.0) to see what those changes really are.

Version 1.0 is a real disappointment. The UI no longer looks as attractive as the UI in the beta. They have made it really really hard to delete a file (though not as hard as on Vista). Always being prompted to create a backup is most annoying and the Lightroom library takes up far too much space already.

The 'All photos' item on the library doesn't seem to work at all. Click on it, nothing happens. I am sure this is a bug but the beta didn't seem to have any obvious ones. Exporting photos could have been improved over the beta but it hasn't happened. Starting the slide show from the middle of the film strip has been made difficult. Clicking on an item in the film roll adds it to the quick collections instead of displaying it in the loop.

So what's the verdict? Am I going to buy a copy? hell no! I am going back to linux for photo editing and I am going to stick to Gimp, Kuickshow , Nautilus, Dcraw and Ufraw. It's better than dishing out $200 for a lousy software. And I am going to stick to Jpegs as much as possible. Jpegs will long outlast camera raw.