Adbrite Revisited.

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After switching from Adsense to Adbrite and even putting up an adbrite button on my site, I was rather disappointed. But things seem to be changing.

In recent weeks I have started getting a few cents a day from adbite. That's right a few cents a day. It's nothing to write home about, but you would write anyway if your adsense earnings were even lower. And the trend with adbrite seem to be upwards where as adsense was stuck in the same rut for years. Even though the amount of traffic to this site continues to grow (albeit slowly) the revenue from adsense never grew.

Some of the shortcomings of adbrite (the lousy directory for example) remain but they have attended to one of my gripes. The referral links didn't seem to be working properly. That is I was not getting the dues from an advertiser that I referred. But after about three weeks and two emails (which were not answered) they have put that right. So the adbrite button goes back up.

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