Project Euler

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Euler is my favourite mathematician so I sat up and took notice when I stumbled across a site named project euler

On that site they have listed series of problem that calls for a combination of programming and mathematical skills to solve. I immediately went to work and with in a few hours managed to solve 10 of the problems. But argubly they are not the most difficult ones on show.

These 10 problems were solved using PHP that would surprise many and offend purists that insists that fortran is the best language to solve numerical problems. That maybe so but I don't have a Fortran development environment set up on my computer and besides it's more than 6 years since I last coded in Fortran. But a time will come for that.

PHP was chosen because it's so easy to work with and well it's the language of choice for me for most things. However some of the problems obviously cannot be solved easily with PHP and for that I will be forced to use other languages so I might end up coding in Fortran during the next few days.

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