Buying Blog Shares.


After Signing up as a member at blogshares, I tried to claim this blog as mine. To claim a blog, you need to add the blogshares logo to your blog. That's why the previous post had one. Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch with their system and three attempts to claim it didn't succeed.

Some how or other this site is in their index and to my pleasant surprise I found that someone had already bought a few shares in it. So I bought a few more. But before buying shares in my own site (I didn't know it was in the database), I looked around for a suitable geek blog that wasn't too expensive (you only get B$ 500 to start with). Then I came across a site called dynamic flash. I am no fan of Flash but what the heck, I subscribed to 1250 shares. Then after the obligatory waiting period (you cannot place two successive orders), I bought the remaining 240 shares as well.

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