How secure is your file transfer?

2007 May 17 at 20:32 » Tagged as :security,

At Rad Inks we, have just announced version 2.01 of the Rad SFTP Applet. It is a replacement for desktop FTP and Secure FTP clients. All you need is just one copy of the applet to replace any number of copies of your current desktop FTP or SFTP client.

The Rad Inks Secure FTP client makes use of the SSH FTP protocol, which despite the similarity in name with the File Transfer Protocol is a much more secure system. FTP is totally insecure. If you use it, all the data and commands will be transferred between the client and the server in plain text. Therefore with each FTP connection the user name and password will be transmitted without any encryption. If you care about the security of your web server you wouldn't be using FTP. It's as simple as that.

Because the Rad SFTP applet runs in the context of the web browser, anyone using the system does not need to install any software on his own computer. Since the applet is light weight it starts up almost instantly and can rival the start up speed of a desktop client.

So what's new in this release? it's has a couple of small bug fixes and a minor feature enhancement.