Hooked on Blog Shares


Listed on BlogShares

I have been playing blogshares for just over a week and I am hooked. After a week of action I managed to break into top 1000 investors. I was ranked at 620 something when I carried out a botched Hostile Take Over against a blog known as deFocused.

Usually Hostile Take Overs (HTOs as they are popularly called in blogshares) would draw the ire of the owner fortunately for me, it didn't. Instead I was noticed by the members of the 'Untouchables Corporation' two of whom happened to be share holders of this blog. Instead of counter action they very kindly invited me to join their corporation. That's not all, after joining they gave me a gift of b$ 1.5bil. Wow. This sure beats the Colombo Joke Exchange.

The gift enabled me to break into the top 500, hopefully before long will be able to go higher what with the usefull tips that I am getting from the other members of the corp.

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