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I have spent close upon a month on Blog Shares so far and during that time I climbed rapidly up the rankings list. Or rather I climbed rapidly until I reached around the 250th spot. Since then progress has been rather slow and difficult. This is due in my opinion to an inherent weakness of the blogshares design.

In order to be ranked high, you need to aquire, B$, chips, shares, sigma, karma and artefacts. Each time you gain Karma, Sigma or Chips, someone higher up on the list will get them too. The simplest and most effective way to gain these things is by voting on blogs or reporting dead blogs. When you do that, a moderater will look at them and decide whether or not to approve the vote or to delist the dead blog. The moderator gets chips and karma each time he does that. So you can never narrow the gap between you and the leaders.

The second major weakness is that wealth can be created but cannot be destroyed. Once you have enough to have a high ranking, you can liquidate your shares and invest all your money in a corporation. Then you gain daily interest on that invest. That means as long as other members of the corporation are active traders, your networth is always increasing slowly. Which again means once you get to the top, you cannot be pushed over the edge.

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