Breaking the Blogshares Glass Ceiling.


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In an attempt to break the blogshares glass ceiling, I have signed up as a premium member. That means I spend far too much time on blog shares, but what the hell, let get to the top quickly and retire.

It's now a month since I started trading. I have now moved to the 175th place on the ranking. If I may say so myself, I have climbed so far so quickly by shrewdly playing the ranking system. Most players go about blinding aquiring wealth and artefacts. But that's not enough to get to the top. You need wealth, artefacts, ideas, sigma and karma as well as chips to be ranked high.

I struck the glass ceiling for two reasons. Wenever you aquire karma or sigma someone higher up the list can also aquire both these as well. Secondly problem is in building artefacts. For a while you can buy more than the 10000 ideas in a given industry in a single transaction. You need at least 10,000 to make an artefact. After you have created artefacts in the popular industries you find that the others do not produce 10,000 ideas in a single production run. When you reach this point as a non premium member you can create only two or three artefacts a day.

When you become a premium member you can carry out an unlimited number of transactions you if you visit blog shares a few times each day you can pick up a handful of ideas in each industry so at the end of the day you have enough to create artifacts in about a dozen industries.

Becoming a premium member also allows you to gain access to the chip market place. That's where the real money is but more about that later. in the meantime, please check out my mission.

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