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The real money in blog shares is in the Chip market and not in shares and ideas as many people believe. If you have a good stock, someone might do a hostile take over and take it away from you. Or it might simply 'melt down' as they say in blog shares and the price will unexpectedly collapse. Worst still if you try to trade in it someone else might buy up all the shares just after you sell it and before you get a chance to buy it back. So trading in shares is fraught with peril.

The ideas market is worse. You never know how many ideas will be produced in a given industry in one production run. If lots of ideas are produced the prices will drop. If the ideas are left sitting on the market without anyone buying them up, the price drops further. If someone sells the ideas they own (and there are some players with millions of ideas in any industry), the price drops even further. So trading in ideas is a perilous business.

That brings us to the chips market. Certainly this is not for the faint hearted because each chip is worth about 28-29 million B$. And that's exactly where the opportunity lies. The chip market is very inefficient, that means the gap between the lowest offer and the highest bid (sell and buy orders) is vast. Well it's only about 2-3% but as any day trader will tell you that really is a huge gap, specially if no transaction fees are involved.

So on any given day you can buy chips at about 28.5 million and sell them at about 29 million. On a good day your buying price will be lower and the selling price even higher. There is a small but steady upwards trend in chip prices. So even if you make a small mistake, you can recover without a big loss. But then again, all that might change with the new 'dead blog finder'

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