Three Macbooks in the family.

2007 June 21 at 03:07 » Tagged as :macbook, security,

I gave up on windows many many years ago. Last year i persuaded my sister to do the same. She is my exact opposite when it comes to technology, never the less the switch wasn't difficult. That's because she was using Firefox as the browser and Thunderbird as the mail client. The only piece of evil software that she was addicted to was M$ Office. On Linux (Fedora Core 6) I installed Open Office for her and migrated all her mails to the new Thunderbird installation.

I must also confess that this wasn't a voluntary move from windows to linux. The hard drive on her toshiba crashed and she needed to have a new os put in. These toshiba notebooks don't shop with the OS installation CD. And persuaded her that paying lots of $ for a usefull point of software is an utter waste and damned if I will install it for her. So she agreed and now she is quite happy with it. So then why the move to a macbook now?

Well the old notebook is showing it's age, and she is in the states right now. A Macbook purchased in the US costs a good Rs 40,000 less than the same thing bought from Sri Lankan dealers. So I suggested that she buy one and yesterday she did.

Less than 24 hours after she bought her Macbook, my father also made the switch. He was using a Acer Aspire for a long time. It's a pretty good computer but has a serious cooling problem, and like my sisters computer was beginning to show it's age. So my father asked someone visiting Singapore to get one for him and he did. It's not as cheap as it is in the US but still a lot cheaper than what it costs in Sri Lanka.