Fedora 7 anyone?

2007 July 3 at 10:20 » Tagged as :toast, photography, security,

Fedora 7 is here. Are you ready for it? I am not! why not? my old desktop needs replacing. The casing has seen quite a few hard drive changes, a couple of mother board stews and one toasted CPU.

if I must go through the hassle of installing a new OS, I want it to be on new hardware. Else it's inevitable that the old hardware will develop a fault and force a re-installation. Heck the torture of installing a DVD load of software might cause the hard drives to give up and die.

So why not get some new hardware? well I am nearly penniless thanks to the new house that I am building. It's already over budget. And then there is the 50-500 sigma lense that I have been craving for. My sister is in the US right now and I want her to get one for me.  Cameras and lenses cost about 40% less in the US than in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately 'the bigma' is out of stock so it seems that I might be forced to buy a Nikon 80-400 instead. Not that I don't like the 80-400 - it's just a lot more expensive. That means no new hardware till next year. Heck that might mean I might even miss Fedora 7 all together and move straight on to Fedora 8.