The Bigma.

2007 July 4 at 23:10 » Tagged as :photography, security,

The only thing that I asked my sister to get for me from the US is a Bigma. Unfortunately the Bigma , or to use it's proper name the Sigma 50-500 mm telephoto lens seems to be out of stock at almost every camera shop in the US.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly Phototechnica in Sri Lanka does have it in stock. The only catch is that it costs about twice as much as it would cost in the US. So that makes it nearly impossible for me to buy it from them.

The next option is of course the Nikon 80-400 VR. Hang on a sec, this is the first choice lens but unfortunately it costs a bit more than the bigma (Rs 215,000 vs 194,000 to be excat). And it's range is narrower. That is comphensated for by the superior mechanism and the optics of the Nikon. This is not just Nikon marketing, I know this for a fact. The reason I am looking for a new lense is because my old telephoto - a sigma is busted.