Friday the Thirteenth at Blogshares.


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Friday the Thirteen turned out to be a real nightmare for members of the Untouchables corporation on Blogshares. There was a massively co-ordinated attack on the corporations assets organized by Renegade Players Inc.

The Untouchables were severly handicapped because Corporate policy forbids the use of Public Relations Disasters. RPI players with the exception of Baron Orkid Disney resorted to multiple PRDs before taking over each stock. As a result Untouchable players lost billions of B$ both in cash and in corporate holdings. After much argument it was agreed that the untouchables should also resort to PRDs - against those who strike against us. But the decision came a little bit too late.

But then RPI is just a bunch of wackos and nut cases, if we are not too hasty we will be able to reclaim the lost stocks one by one. You cannot expect the RPI to sustain co-ordinated and co-orperative play for a long period of time. Anyway, the real 'fake money' of blogshares certainly isn't in the share market.

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