Corporate Wars and Three Months of B$


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It's nine days since my last post. I blame blogshares for that. The topic of that post itself was about blogshares. It certainly eats up too much of your time, specially if there is a corporate war going on. Fortunately the corporate war that started on Friday the 13th ended yesterday.

When the blog shares war started the first to run was our miss know it all admin. I wouldn't be surprised if she returns to the game now. As for me, I left the untouchables corporation today after the war ended. I only fought through it, out of a sense of loyalty. During it's height six of us (myself, jin jirrie, MNO, semar, del and LKK) were fighting off around 20 of them.

This silly fight was about the 0.5% interst that blog shares corporation offer to their members. 0.5% is insignifcant in the first place and to achieve that rate, you need to own 50 billion B$ worth of blogs. The Renegades corporation which had a very low rate tried to steal our blogs to push it back up. We were taking them back and they were stealing them again, this continued for a month until both corporations called it quits. The end came when both sides managed to aquire the 0.5% though various means.

During this time i had just 0.01 B$ invested in untouchables. That 0.01 was put there to express my disgust at the obsession with corporate interest.

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